Glenn Beck Says Classroom Cop Video 'Absolute Ticket To Anarchy’


Glenn Beck doesn't care if you call him a racist.

On Fox News' "The Kelly File" on Tuesday, host Megyn Kelly asked Beck for his thoughts about a recently released video showing a South Carolina school officer grabbing a high school student from her chair, knocking her to the floor and dragging her across the classroom.

"If I would have come home and there was a video of me sitting in that chair, my parents would have said to me, 'What the hell were you even saying that brought that cop -- why did somebody have to call a police officer in the first place on you?'" Beck said. "You obey the police officer, period."

The Spring Valley High School officer, Deputy Ben Fields, was fired on Wednesday for using excessive force against the student. The incident has prompted a series of investigations by local and federal authorities into whether Fields, a white officer, violated the civil rights of the 16-year-old student, who is black.

Beck on Tuesday made the case that our sympathies should be with the officer.

"The police officer is being put in an absolutely no-win situation," he said. "Now this is being seen on television and they know, all I have to do -- I can punch a police officer, I can resist arrest and the cop's going to get in trouble."

Beck said that the release of this video is the "absolute ticket to anarchy."

Kelly told Beck that his comments may result in people calling him a racist, but Beck remained undeterred.

"I don't care," Beck said. "You can call me whatever you want."

Watch the clip from "The Kelly File" above.

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