Glenn Beck Cries AGAIN On Air, Pining For A Simpler Time In America (VIDEO)


Glenn Beck was in the middle of pining for a 'simpler time' in America when he decided the best way to illustrate this idea was to show two advertisements from said 'simpler time.' One was a classic Coca-Cola ad, the other a Kodak ad.

These examples of Americana were so moving to Beck that he just couldn't help himself; he begin to tear up (not for the first time). His monologue, which was interrupted a few times by his tears, began with the wisdom that politicians can't take us back to that simpler time; they can only take us farther away. It then devolved into a strange and extended analogy of America as a teenage kid who got dragged to a party he didn't really want to go to, and where his friends poured beer on him, and that ended with dad doing what's right.

Discuss in the comments whether Beck is making any sense at all.

WATCH: (H/t Jon)

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