Glenn Beck Defends Gruesome Occupy Wall Street Warnings (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, Glenn Beck defended his controversial remarks that Occupy Wall Street protesters would "kill" the wealthy.

He had given a stark warning about the Occupy Wall Street movement on Monday, painting protesters as "Marxist radicals" who would "drag you into the streets and kill you." Rachel Maddow, among others, has mocked Beck for his gruesome warning.

On Tuesday, Beck reiterated that he stands by his controversial remarks. He said that he was not talking about all of the protesters, but that some were very well "Marxist revolutionaries" and that his warning pertained to the protests spiraling out of control. Referring to political leaders who do not have the foresight to see the storm coming, he also warned, "These people are dangerous."

He then ticked off what he said were the crimes committed by Marxist revolutionaries, including Che Guevara, Mao and Stalin. Echoing his earlier warning about the Occupy Wall Street protesters, he said, "Do you know why people starved to death in the Ukraine? You know why socialism never works? Because they kill all the people who know how to make things. They kill all the industrialists. They kill them all. They drag them in the streets and kill them."

Coming back to the protests in New York, he said, "It ends in violence with Marxists every single time the same way" and alleged that demonstrations of Marxism were "wrapped in hate." He then went on to say that unlike the protests, his criticism of President Obama was never "personal" and alleged that President Obama is "a die-hard Marxist."