Glenn Beck Demands "A Damn Apology" From <i>The View</i> (AUDIO)

Glenn Beck Demands "A Damn Apology" From(AUDIO)

Here's the latest dumbassed escalation in the Glenn Beck versus The View story! Beck is now demanding apologies from the View for accusing him of lying. GLENN BECK HAS CHECKED AND RECHECKED HIS MINUTIAE BY CRACKEE, and needs reparations!

I don't think Glenn Beck is capable of appreciating that the real issue -- insofar as running into any of these people on a train can constitute an "issue" -- is that Beck encountered Goldberg and Walters on a train, and had what Walters and Goldberg thought was a perfectly lovely, non-controversial encounter. They were subsequently taken aback when Beck went on his radio show to depict them as unpleasant, seat-reserving, diva-succubi. Yesterday, his first in-the-moment instinct was to apologize. Now, he's calling them liars. Hey, they could be, but what he doesn't seem to realize that his radio show, was, in fact, THE FIRST SALVO in this battle of What Happened On An Amtrak Bitchery, and that he hasn't substantiated his claims any better.

But here I am: treating this as if it were a good test case for a rules of evidence class. Gah! Anyway, Glenn Beck will now get to the bottom of how Barbara Walters was able to procure a train ticket, which is the single most epochal national security issue our coddled lunatic infotainers face today.


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