Glenn Beck Suggests Donald Trump Is 1 Of The Last Male Role Models And It Doesn't Go Well

"If being an utterly dishonest, proudly ignorant, off the charts narcissistic bully is a role model for men, then sure, Donald Trump is a role model."

Right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck lamented the world’s lack of male role models and appeared to suggest that the void was now being filled by President Donald Trump.

Beck on BlazeTV this week bemoaned how there were “no examples of men being men” during a discussion about masculinity. He continued:

“James Bond. That’s it. A movie. There’s no male role models. Would you agree with that? So, Donald Trump, here’s a guy who marries a supermodel, is like, ‘Yeah, I can make it with any model I want.’ He’s over the top, but he fights back, he doesn’t flinch. He is the almost cartoon of an alpha dog. You know what I mean? And I think because we have taken alpha dogs and shot them all, when he comes to the table there’s a lot of guys that are out there going ‘yeah, damn right!’

Beck ― who actively campaigned against Trump during the 2016 election and later briefly united with “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee to combat “Trumpism” ― also argued “a lot of young guys” are now looking up to Trump “almost as a father figure.”

The Daily Beast shared video of Beck’s comments online Wednesday. It inevitably drew scorn from many people on Twitter:

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