Glenn Beck Explains the Root of His Addiction and Questions Climate Change

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A: 4 part question!

  1. The Government should not be in the process for abolishing or creating political parties.
  2. The current election cycle does signal the end of it. If it wasn't for the media and the manipulation of government they would have been over a long time ago.
  3. Stop acting like the fringe. The mainstream is more and more fringe everyday. It's dramatically small and transparent or a dramatically marxist government. To win, you have to play to win. And reflect the image of the mainstream.
  4. Yes, again, it's up to the people.

There has never been a better time to abolish one or both parties. Yet, none of the 'fringe' parties have really listened to the majority of the people that feel their voice isn't being heard. The moment when a party understands that 40-60% are disenfranchised that party will become the Facebook or Uber of politics.


A: I can't speak to everyone, however, I can talk to you about me.

Maybe lack of self worth, fear, feeling like a fraud... really it comes down to lack of self worth. Feeling like you don't belong... mistakes from the past...

All of these feelings of isolation led to addiction. There comes a time when things pile up on you. If you could re-set your life you wouldn't have addiction.

When life spirals out of control you can't deal. Problems get too big. If you can re-set you would. The re-set is the atonement. So I did.

Without my faith, AA would help with atonement. For those that don't want to follow a path toward religion AA is a great path because of the structure.

Until 1930, if you had an addiction you were thought of as an outcast. You were genetically "flawed". You were put into the insane asylum. Thankfully, we have AA and people can find help.

I'm personally not cured. But I'm better.


A: 95% of the IPCC scientists.

That's like saying...95% of all DQ employee's agree that ice cream is the best dessert. When you've only interviewed the folks that work at Dairy Queen.

I was the first to say it might be real and I own a green home. I personally am not sure if the science bears it out. It certainly doesn't bear out the solutions they are recommending.

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