Glenn Beck Flooded With Calls From Birthers, Suspects White House Plot

Though Beck acknowledged that fake Obama birth records is "a little unlikely," he nevertheless wondered aloud on his radio show whether or not the left was actually behind the rise of Birtherism.

Fox News infotainer Glenn Beck returned to the airwaves this new year, outlining his own twisted spin on Birtherism. While Beck acknowledged that the whole notion of a concerted effort decades ago to plant fake Barack Obama birth records is "a little unlikely," he nevertheless wondered aloud on his radio show whether or not the left was actually behind the rise of Birtherism -- thus trading one unlikely conspiracy theory for an even more unlikely one.

BECK: So there are apparently, apparently there is and I'm just going to there's always games being played behind the scenes at a talk radio show and on television and everything else. It is really, it's very, I don't know, it's disappointing. Rush has called them on the games in radio behind the scenes, Rush has always called them seminar callers. But instead of being coy with the seminar callers or with you, I'm just going to expose the game that is going on. Today there is a concerted effort on all radio stations to get Birthers on the air. I have to tell you, are you working for the Barack Obama administration? I mean, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Yes: that would be the dumbest thing in the world, for Obama supporters to pimp Birtherism to right-wing radio hosts. But that's not what's happening! As David Weigel reports, Glenn Beck was recently flooded with calls from Birthers because the Birthers themselves coordinated the calls, in a campaign they dubbed "Operation Flood It," which, I guess, really masks their intentions!

Operation FLOOD IT- Jan 4th, 2010...

I want Beck's phone system to crash, everyone press redial over and over.

We need at least 5,000 people to do this...

Call (888) 727-2325 at 9am EST

The left are scared to death of the Obama eligibility issue and anyone that dares to bring it up is immediately attacked and and forced to resign. Just ask Lou Dobbs...

Why is Fox afraid of this issue? This could throw Obama into jail, we are not talking about czars here. That is small potatoes compared to multiple felonies and a conspiracy to deceive 300 million Americans. The ENTIRE house of cards in the Democrat party would topple, because they were all most likely involved in this conspiracy as well.

Fox has the guts to throw jabs at Obama for 4 years, but they do not have the guts to deliver the knockout punch, Obama's ineligibility. WE have to change that...

A script of talking points for would-be Birther phone-jammers, is included.

This super-difficult-to-penetrate plan, by the way, has been afoot since December 21st, so maybe Glenn Beck should go and get a Google Alert with his name, or something, if he'd like to stay abreast of these sorts of things.

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