Glenn Beck Concerned Gay Marriage Could Lead To Polygamy (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck voiced a ridiculous "concern" about gay marriage on Wednesday.

The radio host has previously argued that the government has no place in people's marriages, and that he looks to God, rather than government, when it comes to marriage. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court handed down a historic ruling striking down DOMA and dismissing Prop 8.

"I am very concerned," Beck told Senator Rand Paul. Beck said he did not directly take issue with gay marriage, but said he saw a glaring problem. "If you change one variable — man and a woman to man and man, and woman and woman," he began, "You cannot then tell me that you cannot logically tell me you can't change the other variable: one man, three women. One woman, four men."

Beck continued, "If I'm a devout Muslim and I come over here and I have three wives, who are you to say if I'm an American citizen, that I can't have multiple marriages."



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