Glenn Beck Gets Freaky: A Look At Right-Wing Erotica (VIDEO)


Andy Cobb, the man who proved that Somalia is a Libertarian paradise, who predicted the second coming of Christ in the form of a SCOTUS nominee, who brought the "let Texas secede" campaign to the Huffington Post, now takes us deep into the mind of Glenn Beck. It's terrifying.

In a new series called "Drill Baby Drill," Cobb explores conservative writings on the topic of sex. He chose Beck as his first subject because of a chapter in his 2003 book "The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland," in which Beck describes (explicitly) making out with his sister. Cobb has reenacted this scene in the video below. At the end of that section of the book Beck wrote:

"By now, you probably have realized that I am not in love with my sister...So, what's the point? Why did I spend a whole chapter talking about a committed loving relationship with my sister? I did it because right now there is an organized ongoing effort to try to bend your values. To slowly shape your deepest beliefs into toleration and eventually acceptance."

Gay marriage bad, incest awesome?


Cobb promises further installments of "Drill Baby Drill." As he explains on his YouTube channel:

What do [conservatives] say about sex? How do they, y'know, talk sexy? The answers may surprise you. They may also make you throw up in your mouth a little bit. Subscribe now for more recreations of stories by and about Bill O'Reilly, David Vitter, Newt Gingrich, Lynne Cheney, and more. Using their own words when possible, court records when necessary.

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