Glenn Beck: 'Glee' Is 'Propaganda,' A 'Horror Show' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck set his sights on a new target on his Thursday show: "Glee."

Speaking before a live studio audience, Beck said that "our whole culture is set up right now for you and the values we grew up with to lose." He used "Glee" as an example.

"I've watched it in stunned horror combined with a sense of admiring awe," he said. "It is a brilliant brilliant show...but it is a horror show...everybody in here is somebody your kids would want to be like, except everyone is sleeping with everyone else, it's all about's a nightmare."

However, he said the skill with which the show was made meant that "there is no way to beat this." He specifically pointed to an episode where the cast does a version of "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. That, he said, was clear anti-establishment "propaganda" by the show.