Glenn Beck: global warming idiot

I wonder: is nationally syndicated radio talk show host and CNN blowhard Glenn Beck vying with Rush Limbaugh to see who can pack more stupid statements into one segment?

Beck's latest bloviation is on global warming. It was on his radio show, not CNN, so it's possible a few people actually heard it (oh, snap!). He said at least six dumb things in two paragraphs-- assuming it was just stupidity on his part and not outright lying. Media Matters has the goods:

BECK: We'll tell you the truth. We'll tell you the things that are politically incorrect. I'll go on and I'll tell you the fires have very little to do with global warming, if anything. The globe was the hottest in 19 -- was it 1934, Stu [executive producer Steve "Stu" Burguiere], or '37? -- '34, 1934 was the hottest year. A stat, by the way, that was, I believe, intentionally distorted by the guy the left holds up as the scientist on global warming. America's temperature peaked in 1934. Since 1934, the hottest year on record was 1998. It has not gotten warmer since 1998. That's a fact.

Now, why are these fires burning out of control? Al Gore and everybody else will have you believe that it is all about global warming. Well, really? A one-degree temperature change that happened at the first part of the century, not in the last part of the century, at least most of it, and a temperature change that hasn't changed since 1998 is causing superfires in California and only California? Only America? It's in the American borders. How is that possible?

Wow. So much to say...

First, 1934 was the hottest year in the US, and not the globe (to the neocons, of course, the rest of the planet doesn't count). 1998 had basically the same temperature as 1934, within errors (Beck should know about errors). The temperature didn't "peak" in 1934, and in fact the last 25 years have seen a strong upsurge in temperatures in the US (this inconvenient fact is generally ignored by those who deny global warming). No one intentionally distorted the temperatures, there was a correction issued to the calculations. Sometimes people correct mistakes they make. That's called science.

I could go on and on... and I did, on my own blog. If you can stand teh stoopid, take a look over there and get the more detailed evisceration of Beck's nonsense.

Somehow, between Britney Spears updates, CNN manages to give this guy a full hour every weekday to spew his nonsense. It's sad and maddening that he gets to distort reality on what used to be a fine network like CNN.