Glenn Beck Thinks God Killed Antonin Scalia To Help Ted Cruz Get Elected President

"I just woke the American people up."

Glenn Beck has a theory on the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and it's unlike just about anything else floating around out there.

In video posted online by Right Wing Watch, the talk show host explained that God may have killed the conservative justice to make a point -- specifically to jolt Americans into realizing how important their freedom is so that they vote for Ted Cruz to pick Scalia's replacement.

Beck called into his show -- "The Glenn Beck Program," which is on his own network, The Blaze -- to explain why God couldn't wait until after the election to allow Scalia to die.

At first Beck said he wouldn't assume to know the deity's plan, and said his initial reaction to the news of Scalia's death was (a presumably sarcastic) "thank you."

"After I got past the 'thank you' I thought 'you’re welcome,'" Beck said, explaining what he thought may have been God's response.

He then continued, from the point of view of God:

"I just woke the American people up. I took them out of the game show moment and woke enough of them up to say, look at how close your liberty is to being lost. You now have lost your liberty. You replace one guy, and you now have 5-4 decisions in the other direction. Just with this one guy, you've lost your liberty -- so you'd better elect somebody that's going to put somebody on (the Supreme Court) because for the next 30 years, if you don't, the Constitution as you know it... the Constitution is hanging by a thread. That thread has just been cut, and the only way that we survive now is if we have a true constitutionalist."

Beck has already thrown his support behind Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas who claims to be a constitutionalist. Cruz will not compromise on his Supreme Court picks, Beck said, but "will spend every dime" of his supposed political capital on a conservative nominee.

(h/t Mediaite)

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