Glenn Beck Goes After Google (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck found a new target this week: Google. On his Wednesday show, Beck continued a multi-day focus on the search engine, saying that "something is wrong" with it, and that it is involved in overthrowing governments and supporting "hardcore leftists" such as George Soros and Van Jones.

Beck's interest in Google was prompted by Wael Ghonim, the Google employee who became a leading face of the Egyptian revolution.

"I'm really not sure that I want my search engine involved in government overthrows, good or bad," he said. "I'm not afraid that Google is reading my email, or tapping your phone lines, or stealing Grandma's recipes...what I'm starting to look at is Google and Google as a whole."

And that look into Google, he said, had led him to conclude that "I'm just not sure...that I want to use their products anymore unless I have to." Beck stressed that he wasn't "leading any boycotts," but that he was not "feeling real comfortable about the current direction of Google the more I find out."

His reasons for this? He said Google was becoming too intertwined with the U.S. government, including law enforcement agencies and the NSA. He also criticized them for advocating for net neutrality.

He also said top Google officials such as former CEO Eric Schmidt were working with "hardcore leftists" such as Van Jones, and pointed out that Google gave $1 million to in 2006. ("Oh! George Soros is doing that too," Beck added.)