Glenn Beck Hates The Metropolitan Museum (AUDIO)

Glenn Beck has said many controversial things throughout his career, but this time, he may have gone too far* by hating on perhaps the greatest museum in the world: the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Speaking on his Friday show, Beck said that he had taken his son and daughter to the Met to show them the famous painting, "Washington Crossing The Delaware." Unfortunately for Beck, the painting happens to be in storage at the moment. (Beck said this with a somewhat sinister air in his voice, but the painting is just in storage temporarily while the museum redoes its American wing.)

"Just asking the people at the Metropolitan Museum of Art ... does everyone who works here have to be miserable? Do they have to be miserable?" Beck asked.

"I had about 14 different things I wanted to go on about the Met and how much I hate the attitude of the people," Beck said. "I hate it! Hate it!" He said he kept pointing out to his children that the other people in the museum were "freaks."

We rarely speak directly to any media figure, but come on, Mr. Beck! The Met is one of the cultural treasures of the world. If you walk into that museum and find only things to hate, that's on you. We urge you to go back and try again. You won't be sorry you did.


*And yes, we know that this is far from the most controversial thing Beck has said. It's a joke!