Glenn Beck: "I Had Surgery On My A**"

Glenn Beck: "I Had Surgery On My A**"

Last week, Glenn Beck posted a video describing his botched surgery and horrific experience with the American health care system on YouTube, but neglected to explain exactly what procedure he had gotten done. On Monday night's "Glenn Beck" show on Headline News, he came clean: "It was butt surgery," he said. "I had surgery on my ass." In fact, Beck had hemorrhoid surgery.

Beck went on to describe the prescription cocktail he was given: morphine, Toradol, Fentanyl patches, Percocet every three hours, and a synthetic morphine drip. "My mind went places that were darker than i have ever been before," he said. Beck has battled drug and alcohol abuse and has admitted to being suicidal in the past.


When Glenn Beck posted a video on YouTube last week talking about his surgery, he neglected to mention what it was. On Monday night's show, he announced: I had surgery on my ass!

From CNN Headline News, 1/7

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