WATCH: Glenn Beck Reads From Journal, Says God Is Truth At Liberty University Graduation

Fox News Host Glenn Beck was recognized at Liberty University this weekend for his "tireless efforts to preserve the American ideal."

Beck gave the keynote address to the class of 2010 and also received an honorary doctorate of humanities from the Virginia school.

According to Liberty's account of Beck's speech, the pundit was rendered teary by the distinction. (The Right Scoop reports that Beck choked up a total of 7 times.)

"As a man who was never able to go to college -- I'm the first in my family that went; I went for one semester; I couldn't afford more than that -- I am humbly honored," he said.

In his speech, Beck told graduates to "turn to God and live."

"Life is only what you make of it," he said. "Nothing more, nothing less. ... God is the truth. The truth will consume everything that is not true. ... The world is full of lies."

Beck also read the audience passages from his journal that he had written for his daughter, urging her (and graduates) to "marry for God" and "always forgive."


What do you think of his speech?