Glenn Beck Mocks Chris Matthews, Suggest He's Drunk On Air (VIDEO)

Beck Brutally Mocks Chris Matthews

Glenn Beck mocked Chris Matthews' enunciation on his radio program on Tuesday, speculating that the MSNBC host was intoxicated on air.

Beck laughed at Matthews' speech in an audio clip of the MSNBC discussing the debt ceiling agreement. He and co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere laughed at Matthews' unique pronunciation of certain words. While the three men somewhat overstated Matthews' slurring of "President," they were correct that he seemed to pronounce "debt ceiling" as "debt seeing." They also got a laugh out of Matthews appearing to call "conservatives" "conserves."

Beck suggested that Matthews was intoxicated on air, saying, “I don’t think alcoholism is funny."

Gray asked, “Does he have a drinking problem?”

Beck responded, “I don’t know, but it does sound like it."

Burgiere went on to lay the blame on "vodka Red Bull because [Matthews] is speaking three times the normal human rate."

Beck has criticized Matthews harshly before, calling him a "balloon head" earlier this year. Matthews had previously used the taunt for Michele Bachmann after she said that the Founding Fathers "worked tirelessly to end slavery." Beck said Matthews attacked her "because she could run for president of the United States and she could win."


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