Glenn Beck Mocks Obama's Aunt (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck Mocks Obama's Aunt (VIDEO)

So, President Barack Obama's aunt was recently granted a reprieve from an immigration judge in her asylum case, which has been ongoing since 2002. Time for a substantive discussion on immigration policy? HELL, NO! This is the Glenn Beck Show, where it is impossible to be normalsauce for even one blessed minute! So, instead, here's a video of Beck, holding a cane, jibbering in the voice of Tiny Tim (who he's confused with Oliver Twist), mocking people who have limps. Remember, this is the same Glenn Beck who pretended to cry about nine times in his Fox News Doom Room because he LURVES HIS COUNTRY and just wants everyone to start being the PEOPLE THEY WERE ON SEPTEMBER 12TH! If I had known that everyone was walking around on 9/12/01 making fun of other people's physical infirmities, like a bunch of addlebrained prats, I would have walked up to everyone and told them, "Go...uhm...'surround' yourself!"

People who call themselves ADULTS actually put this nonsense on a cable news channel. NEVER FORGET THAT.


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