Glenn Beck Moving To Dallas

Glenn Beck Confirms Big Move

Glenn Beck has confirmed that he's moving to Dallas.

The former Fox News host reportedly sold his Connecticut home for $3.6 million, and will be renting a two-acre estate in Dallas for $20,000 a month. Beck made the official announcement on his Monday radio show. This confirmed multiple earlier reports that Beck would be moving to Texas. "I can't wait," Beck said during his radio broadcast.

The news also came with the announcement that Beck will be opening new radio and television studios in the Lone Star State, as part of his production company Mercury Radio Arts. The company will continue to run its New York City offices and studios, according to company president Chris Balfe.

The new multi-city operation has been busy developing Beck's new Internet channel, which is set to launch in September. Beck will be hosting a two-hour television program from 5-7pm ET on the new site. (Beck's Fox News show ended on June 30.)

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