Glenn Beck: MSNBC Is 'Anti-God Network' (AUDIO)

Glenn Beck said that MSNBC is an "anti-God" network following his war of words with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell about the Bible.

Beck made the comments on two separate occasions. The first was on Friday.

"I believe that MSNBC has become the most anti‑god network ever put on the air in the history of America," Beck said. He was angered by O'Donnell's comments about the Book of Revelation, which he made on Thursday. There, he called it "a book of fiction," and said that "no sane person" takes the Bible completely literally.

On his Monday radio show, Beck repeated the charges. "There's a whole network that seems to be the anti-God network being set up," he said. "They are preaching that no intelligent person believes in the Book of Revelation. I will tell you that I know a lot of intelligent people who believe deeply in the Book of Revelation.

Beck also repeated his dark prediction about the world on Monday.

"The world is about to be plunged into complete and utter darkness and despair," he said. "Quite honestly, famine will follow."

Listen to the Monday comments:
Watch the Friday comments: