Glenn Beck To Andrew Napolitano: You Should Replace Me (VIDEO)


Glenn Beck appeared on Andrew Napolitano's Fox Business show after announcing the end of his Fox News show on Wednesday--and told Napolitano outright that he wanted the judge to succeed him in the 5 P.M. time slot.

Speaking on "Freedom Watch," beck first issued a warning to his critics.

"I am so tempted to say this to all those who say 'celebrate': You are going to pray for the days of 5 P.M," he said. "...Look out."

Later in the show, Beck was talking about "Bretton Woods III," which he said was a shadowy economic gathering hosted by George Soros that nobody is talking about it. Napolitano wondered "what can be done" to alert people.

"Make you the replacement for me at 5 PM," Beck said. "I love you. You have taught me much and I have learned a lot."

Watch (via Johnny Dollar):

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