Glenn Beck: New Yorkers Ruin The City (VIDEO)

Many New Yorkers won't miss Glenn Beck when he moves to Dallas next week -- and he feels the same way about them.

On his Wednesday radio show, he called New York "one of the greatest cities in the country," but said, "It’s the people who wreck it." "I am so done with this city," he proclaimed, "I can't take it anymore."

The source of Beck's ire was an awkward run-in with a neighbor in his apartment building on Tuesday night. Beck said that he was waiting for the elevator with a neighbor who was carrying a large package, when the man turned to him and said that the box contained "a big portrait of Barack Obama." Beck said that he simply told the man, "Good, I hope it looks nice in your house." But the exchange didn't end there.

He said that the man's wife entered the elevator and said, "Ugh, we didn't know you still lived in this building" upon seeing Beck. He said that she stared at him like he was "an alien life form."

Beck's testy exchanges with New Yorkers have prompted the radio host to say that he can't wait to leave the city. He made his disdain clear with similar complaints about the city's residents on Monday. He said that he was talking about religion during breakfast when he noticed "a liberal couple" listening in on the conversation. He blasted New Yorkers who "who think they're so holier than thou" and "make judgments based on hearsay."