Glenn Beck: Newt Gingrich Supporters Who Oppose Obama Are Racist (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck said on Friday that Newt Gingrich is such a "progressive" that any supporters of his who oppose President Obama are doing so because of Obama's race.

Beck has been vocal about his dislike for Gingrich, and he hosted the GOP presidential frontrunner for a notably tough interview on Tuesday. On Friday, he appeared on the Fox Business show "Freedom Watch" and hammered Gingrich even more.

Calling him "the only candidate I cannot vote for," Beck dubbed Gingrich's support for Theodore Roosevelt "ridiculous," and said that he had issued a "challenge" to any Tea Party supporters of the former House Speaker.

"You read this guy's record," he said. "You read his words...see what he believes. This man is a progressive. He knows he's a progressive. He doesn't have a problem with being a progressive. So if you've got a big government progressive [in Gingrich] or a big government progressive in Obama, one in Newt Gingrich, one in Obama, ask yourself this Tea Party. Is it about Obama's race? Because that's what it appears to be to me. If you're against him but you're for this guy, it must be about race."

"It must be about race," the host, Andrew Napolitano, said. "I mean, what else is it about, Judge?" Beck said. "It's the policies that matter."

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