Glenn Beck: Obama Is 'Sympathetic' To Terrorists' 'Cause' (AUDIO)

Glenn Beck said that President Obama is "sympathetic" to the cause of terrorists because he agrees with their analysis of America's role in the world.

Speaking on his Thursday radio show, Beck brought up the situations in Libya and Japan and said that Obama has not been actively involved in either. He felt that this was a pattern with the president, and cited the BP oil spill as an example of Obama's dithering. His co-host, Pat Gray, said he thought Obama had been slow to react to the Fort Hood shooting as well. Beck said he felt that was due to a different quality of the president's.

"I believe that's because he just sees us as the oppressor nation," Beck said. "He just sees us as a nation who is and has oppressed the Native Americans and, and the Muslim communities around the world. And so he's...not with the terrorists, I'm not saying that, but he is sympathetic to their cause, which slows people down. You know what I mean?"

He quickly clarified. "I'm not saying that he's sympathetic with people blowing up," he said. "...I'm not saying that he's in league with the terrorists, I'm not saying that he agrees with bombings like that. But he is slower to react because he is a guy who is sympathetic to something that most Americans are not."

Listen (jump to 4:00 for beginning of discussion):