Glenn Beck: Object Lesson on Gun Suicide

Glenn Beck: Object Lesson on Gun Suicide
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In January 2008, Glenn Beck cheered a state legislator who had introduced a bill to allow college students to carry concealed handguns on campus. Dismissing those who would oppose such a measure, Beck told his viewers, "That's what guns do. They save lives." Unless, of course, you're suicidal and there's a handgun available. Who says this? Uh, Glenn Beck.

It's not surprising that when Glenn Beck felt suicidal, the means he envisioned to end his life was a handgun. The success of a suicide attempt is dramatically influenced by the lethality of the means chosen. Firearms are by far the most lethal means, and handguns are the most common firearm used in suicide. The vast majority of people who kill themselves with a handgun aren't more suicidal--they just had the bad luck to have access to the most efficient suicide tool available. However, Beck is so confused by inconvenient facts that just three months after his "jarring" experience he can falsely offer the absolutist mantra that guns save lives. Period. The result? Glenn Beck as an object lesson on the link between gun availability and suicide as seen in this new VPC YouTube video.

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