Glenn Beck: Mitt Romney's Paul Ryan VP Pick Is 'Tremendous News' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck was simply giddy over Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's vice-presidential pick, on Monday.

Romney officially chose Ryan as his running mate on Saturday. The Huffington Post's Jon Ward, who broke the news on Friday, called Ryan a "bold pick" who would energize the ticket — but also a risky one for his controversial budget plan.

"Mitt Romney has finally thrown us a bone," Beck said on Monday. "Mitt Romney has picked a solid, smart conservative for his vice-presidential running mate." He conceded that Ryan was a "northern, white guy," but "a darn good one."

Beck said that Romney could have gone with a buzz-worthy candidate without conservative principles or someone boring, and praised the governor for going a different route.

"This should speak volumes to the Tea Party," Beck said, touting Ryan's work on the budget. "This guy was selected because of his budget credibility. This to me signals that Mitt Romney is serious about fixing the economy."

He also praised Ryan's handling of questions. "Finally, somebody who can stick it right back into the face of administration shills during network interviews and can handle himself," Beck said.

He was not the only conservative host content with Romney's choice on Monday. Joe Scarborough also praised Ryan on "Morning Joe."



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