Glenn Beck, PETA President Join Together To Rip Al Gore (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck and the organization PETA make strange bedfellows, but they've found a common cause to rally around: criticizing Al Gore for hypocrisy because he is an environmentalist who eats meat.

Ingrid Newkirk, founder and president of PETA, joined a delighted Glenn Beck tonight to rip Gore as a "steakaholic" and a "baby" who is betraying his own movement:

You can give in your SUV. You can trade it away. You can change your lightbulbs, these are the things he suggests. You can shower with a friend, but it's still not enough if you continue to eat meat...

He says it's very hard for him to go vegetarian. He's admitted that, and I think he's basically a steakaholic, and he needs to stop being a baby and just decide.

Beck is quick declare that he does not agree with a single thing that PETA stands for, but he nonetheless respects them because they're one of the only two organizations he finds "consistent, they don't play the Washington game... They just mean what they say and say what they mean." (The other organization he respects in this way is, of course, the NRA.)


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