Glenn Beck Plays With Dolls On "The O'Reilly Factor" (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are working together to expose the vast conspiracy that is the organization known as ACORN. Beck, who has a history of employing wacky antics on his own Fox News show, was a guest on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight so he could inform O'Reilly of very important news regarding the federal government's investigation of ACORN. Oh, and Beck brought dolls.

Beck used the dolls to illustrate that the federal government's probe of ACORN was too narrow, and that by focusing on one of their houses in New Orleans, they were letting the "villains" just drive away and set up shop elsewhere. We think.

It seems that such a relatively simple point could have been made without the dolls, but perhaps a visual aid was necessary to distract from the fact that Beck's not making much sense. Watch the clip for yourself and, if you can discern what Beck is talking about, please discuss in the comments.