Did Glenn Beck Just Join the 2012 Presidential Race?

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) held a gala dinner last night and paid respect to Glenn Beck, who received the "Dr. Miriam & Sheldon Adelson Defender of Israel Award."

Beck, as usual, shed a few tears during his speech. But like the true entertainer that he is, he left the audience (and us) wondering after these comments:

Beck said that "there is an 18-month window" left in which to save the world -- "and I believe I know how to do it." He pledged to announce on December 8 where he is headed - "there is a vacuum and I intend to stand in its place", he said -- but gave no details what he was referring to.

First of all, 18 months! Whoa! There's a headline.

But December 8...hmmm. What will he announce? Another TV channel? A new book? A new trip to somewhere? To Israel again? Or maybe straight to the lion's den in Tehran?

Or maybe, just maybe, he's joining the race. Sure, he said before he'll never run. But, come on folks...he said there's a vacuum. And he'll stand in its place.

Did Glenn Beck just hint in front of some possible wacky donors that he's eyeing the White House?

First published on +972 Magazine.