Glenn Beck Radio Freakout Remixed Into Heavy Metal Song About Vampires

So, did you read about that time that Glenn Beck got a TEENSY BIT PIQUED at a lady who called in to his radio show, forcing him to go to his screechy place, emitting noises that would tear the ears of canines asunder, while he wailed about how she should "get off his phone?" I bet you thought that no good would come of that. WELL, SHAME ON YOU! Because something good did come it, something great, actually! Of course, I am referring to the heavy metal remix of those sounds that has been produced by Trevor Cushman, on the YouTubes. Hooray!

See, now that is something that I think everyone can enjoy, even Glenn, who should consider using this as bumper music on his teevee and radio shows. Plus, it's about vampires, too! PRETTY CAGEY, TREVOR. Vampires are so hot right now! Plus I get to tag this entry with the word "Twilight," which is great for the search engine optimization.

In that way, Glenn Beck's on-air freakout has become The Giving Tree. Let us rejoice.

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