Glenn Beck Rambles About Botched Surgery, Suicidal Thoughts

Glenn Beck has filmed a monologue on the apparently botched surgery he had and posted it on YouTube. He talks about contemplating suicide because of pain. He calls his care at a yet-to-be-named hospital "phenomenal, phenomenally bad." He went on, "I have stories that will melt your brain." The hospital in question also apparently takes care of, says Beck, "the President of GE". He's off the air this week and back on Monday. The YouTube ramble is a tease for his return. He also posted a note on his website that ends, "Join me [Monday] for my NEW PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE, OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM AND BLOOD SHOOTING FROM PLACES BLOOD SHOULD NOT SHOOT OUT OF."

UPDATE: It was "butt surgery," Glenn Beck announced on his show. Watch the video of him discussing it here.