Glenn Beck Responds To James Cameron, Calls 'Avatar' 'Smurf-Murdering Movie' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck Responds To James Cameron, Calls 'Avatar' 'Smurf-Murdering Movie' (VIDEO)

On his program Wednesday, Glenn Beck responded to James Cameron's comments that he is a "fucking asshole," a "madman," and "dangerous."

Among other things, Cameron blasted Beck for calling him the anti-Christ.

Beck put on 3-D glasses for his response to Cameron, who he added to his list of Beck-Haters alongside everyone from Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow to "Law & Order" and the Playboy bunny.

He said that he called Cameron the anti-Christ on his Headline News show in 2007 as a joke, for subjecting people to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" in "Titanic."

"The best part is, this guy has carried this joke around with him for three long years," Beck said of Cameron. "The guy's making a billion dollars on a Smurf-murdering movie, and he's stewing about a joke nobody heard on a network nobody watched! It's time to walk away from the CGI for a minute, Jim."


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