Glenn Beck Responds To Stewart/Colbert Rallies

Glenn Beck Responds To Stewart/Colbert Rallies

Glenn Beck is responding to the planned dueling rallies from Comedy Central duo Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Last week, Stewart and Colbert announced dueling marches on Washington in the vein of Beck's August 28th "Restoring Honor" rally. Stewart "Rally To Restore Sanity" will meet Colbert's "March To Keep Fear Alive" in the nation's capital on October 30.

"8/28 was a historic event for a lot of Americans," Beck said in a statement. "I hope that Ed Schultz, the AFL-CIO, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and whoever else wants to plan a march in DC have the same great success that we had with Restoring Honor."

The Wrap notes that over 100,000 people have currently RSVPed to the Stewart/Colbert rallies on Facebook.

Beck's mention of MSNBC's Ed Schultz is a reference to Schultz's claim that he could easily outdraw Beck with enough money and time to promote his own rally.

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