Glenn Beck 'Restoring Honor' Rally (VIDEO): Attendees Talk Illegal Immigration, Gun Rights For Terror Suspects

Glenn Beck told the estimated 87,000 people at his rally Saturday that "America today begins to turn back to God."

But the Fox News host's preaching may have escaped some attendees.

A video of encounters with rally goers at "Restoring Honor" captured political views and comments that sound nothing like the words of Rev. Martin Luther King, who spoke from the same spot as Beck did, 47 years ago today.

While angry protest signs that have come to characterize tea party events were mostly absent from Saturday's rally (Beck asked attendees to leave the signs at home), many people wore their political hearts on their sleeves.

The video, put together by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, shows rally goers weighing in on President Obama, "liberals," the NRA's support of gun rights for individuals on a federal terrorist watch list, and illegal immigration.