Glenn Beck Criticizes SOPA (VIDEO)

WATCH: Glenn Beck Weighs In On SOPA

And now, the SOPA commentary you've all been waiting for.

Glenn Back slammed the controversial anti-piracy bill on his internet talk show on Wednesday.

"I think everybody is against it, Google is against it, we're against it." he said. "Hands off the Internet."

He explained that SOPA and PIPA, its Senate counterpart, could hinder progress.

"It’s a different world we’re going into but it’s all based on the Internet," he said, "It’s all based on these connections. If you start limiting the connections, you’re going backwards as a society."

His website also posted a statement condemning SOPA and applauding the efforts of Wikipedia and other websites who have gone dark in protest.

Beck left Fox News in June 2011 for GBTV, his web TV channel.

News Corp., which owns Fox News, is one of the biggest supporters of SOPA and PIPA. The company has lobbied aggressively for the legislation and CEO Rupert Murdoch recently lashed out at critics of the bills. Opponents of SOPA argue that it won't help end piracy and will lead to censorship.

Watch his full comments below.

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