Glenn Beck Flips Out For Spider-Man Musical: 'Best Show I've Ever Seen' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck FLIPS For Spider-Man Musical

Glenn Beck took nearly 30 minutes of his Wednesday radio show to heap immense amounts of praise on the new Spider-Man musical on Broadway. The show has been riddled with cast injuries and horrible buzz, but Beck gave it the kind of raves any producer would kill to have on their poster.

He said it was "by far the best show I've ever seen," and praised nearly every aspect of it:

The music? "Brilliant...hit after hit after hit."

The performances? "Unbelievable."

The man playing Spider-Man? "He has the vocal quality of Michael Bublé."

But if the show is that good, why is it getting such terrible press? Beck had the answer: it's all down to the plot, which, in his description, sounded like a Tea Partier's dream.

As Beck told it, the villain of the show is an "atheist, God-like scientist" who collaborates with a Big Brother government to use global warming to advance his evil schemes. New Yorkers, Beck said, were turning their snobby, liberal noses up at such a storyline, but he absolutely loved it, and he predicted that the show would be a huge smash.


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