Glenn Beck Rips Super Bowl Players For Conduct During National Anthem (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck criticized some players in the Super Bowl for not putting their hands on their heart during the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner."

Speaking on his Monday radio show, Beck said that, by his count, only one player--the Steelers' William Gay (whose last name seemed to amuse Beck)--showed the appropriate reverence for the national anthem.

"Was anybody else offended by...can you put your hand on your heart?" Beck said. "It's the national anthem!" He said he had shushed his son and told him to put his hand on his heart when Christina Aguilera was singing the song.

"I was really offended by the sports players that were just hanging on their jersey," Beck said.

"The country that gives them the ability to...pursue their happiness in peace and safety is not worth putting your hand on the heart."