Glenn Beck Talks About End Of His Fox News Show (VIDEO)

WATCH: Beck Talks End Of Fox News Show

On his Friday radio show, Glenn Beck spoke about the upcoming end of his Fox News program.

On Thursday, it was announced that Beck's daily program would end on June 30. Beck told his listeners that this date was agreed between him and Fox News when he first said he was leaving in early April. he thanked Fox News for giving him a great deal of free rein over the nearly two-and-a-half years of his TV show.

"I went on TV and I did things that nobody has ever done before, at least at Fox, and they generally allowed me to continue to do it all the time and without interference, and I appreciate that," he said.

Beck said that his last batch of shows would be his "shows of record," and that he wanted to spend his time sending what he thought were his most important messages.

"I don't care if we go out with 100 people watching the show," Beck said. I want to make sure that the position is clear, and I want to say the things that have to be said."


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