Glenn Beck Loses It Over Ted Cruz, Wants To Be Covered In 'Bucket Of Blood'

Conservative talker lets loose in an epic rant.

Ted Cruz might be off Glenn Beck’s Christmas card list.

The conservative talk-show host delivered an epic rant on Monday invoking “buckets of blood” over the Texas senator’s endorsement of Donald Trump

Beck backed Cruz during the Republican primaries and is strongly against both Trump and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. He cheered Cruz for famously refusing to endorse Trump during a primetime speech at the Republican National Convention.

Although he seemed to take Cruz’s reversal personally, Beck admitted he brought the disappointment on himself.

“It’s my fault,” Beck said, speaking from his fake Oval Office on his network, The Blaze. “It’s my fault for believing that men can be George Washington.”

Then, in comments posted online by Right Wing Watch, Beck let it all out on both the left and right for attempting to force voters to back either Clinton or Trump:

“Right now, we have become PETA. Shame on all of us. Why not, just if you won’t vote for Hillary or if you won’t vote for Trump, why not just cover me in a bucket of blood? Why not just shame me in the public square?

Why not run them out of business? They’re climate deniers? 

There is no difference between the two teams any more. Oh sure, one’s for a little lower taxes, one’s for the border, one’s not, one’s for international rule, one’s for national rule. 

Which one is for the idea that all men are created equal? That all men have a right to pursue their own happiness and make their own goddamn decision?

Which one? Which one? I contend neither of them ― and so we will just soak each other in buckets of blood. We’ll be a happy little bumper-sticker community that shames one another to make sure you walk in goose-step with all the other Hillary supporters or walk in goose-step with all the other Trump supporters.”

Beck concluded that the presidential candidates would lead to “the destruction of the idea” of America.

Last week, Beck posted a message on Facebook calling the Cruz endorsement a “profoundly sad day” and ― as in Monday’s rant ― complained that the right had turned to the tactics of PETA, shaming those who don’t agree. 


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