Glenn Beck's Scathing Tirade Against 'Good Morning America,' Critics (VIDEO)

Beck's Scathing Tirade

Glenn Beck went on a scathing tirade against his critics—specifically ABC's "Good Morning America"—on his Thursday show.

Beck began by talking about a "GMA" report about the end of his Fox News show that made note of the oft-apocalyptic overtones of the program. Beck said that it was true that his shows were consistently downbeat, but that this was because there was so much to be upset about. He said he started doing his television show "to try to stop the cascading," and to counteract "these dopes on other channels" who were not giving viewers enough information, because "what's coming is going to be bad."

Beck then went through one of his signature chalkboard routines, talking about, among other things, China, food prices, Islamists and Cass Sunstein. He returned to "Good Morning America" and launched into an extraordinary monologue:

"I wanted to use 'Good Morning America' as an example, because, when these things happen, I want you to clearly remember the people who told you, the same people who told you, don’t worry about Fannie and Freddie. Don’t worry about illegal aliens signing up for loans that they can’t afford. Don’t worry about Van Jones, a 9/11 truther in the White House, he’s not there! Don’t worry about Obamacare, it’s going to make it better and easier for your doctor. Don’t worry about raising the debt. Don’t worry about shutting down the Gulf oil, don’t worry about Jeremiah Wright, he didn’t even listen to his preacher! Don’t worry about closing Gitmo. Don’t worry, don’t worry, he’s not divisive, he’s not in bed with the unions. Special interests? Nothing’s going come of GE. What? Don’t worry.Those same people that told you those things then are the same exact people telling you today, 'don’t worry. Don’t worry. These things won’t happen!' I pray every night that they are right. But if they are wrong, hear me now. Please remember these words. If they are wrong, don’t worry. With God and values and principles and the Constitution and each other, if we stick to what has gotten us this far and we stick together, we will be fine."

Watch (skip to 1:30 for monologue):
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