Glenn Beck Uses Nazi Bloomberg Image During Speech At NRA Convention (VIDEO)

During a speech at the NRA convention in Houston this weekend-- the organization's first since the shootings in Aurora and Newtown-- Glenn Beck showed a giant image of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivering a Nazi salute, while criticizing the mayor's extensive gun control efforts.

When somebody argues for gun control, they are either living in self-imposed ignorance or they are just living an argument of control...I am amazed at how many of my New York friends have become absolute dopes and just will accept the soda ban, the popcorn ban, the salt ban. I've come up with a new advertisement for New York, a new slogan: "You will love New York!"

Beck repeatedly criticized Bloomberg, even bringing up the mayor's use of an AC unit to cool off his SUV, despite the anti-idling laws he enacted.

Random, but the reference did draw some chuckles from the crowd.

Nearly 70,000 people attended the national conference, where another speaker, Rob Pincus, raised eyebrows when he advised members to keep weapons inside their kids' bedrooms as a safety measure.

The organization was also forced to ask a vendor to stop selling bleeding Obama targets.