Glenn Beck: Wolf Blitzer's Atheist Interview Was A Setup

Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Theory About CNN

Glenn Beck thinks Wolf Blitzer's on-air gaffe with an atheist Oklahoma tornado survivor might have been devised by someone "sympathetic with the atheist plight."

On Tuesday, the CNN anchor was interviewing Rebecca Vitsmun, who had survived the EF-5 tornado in Moore, Okla., by escaping from her house with her son before the mega-twister hit. He asked her if she "thank[ed] the Lord" for the split-second decision that saved their lives. Vitsmun laughed and said, "I'm actually an atheist."

Beck thinks Wolf's seemingly innocuous interview was actually a setup by CNN producers to pander to the atheist cause, Right Wing Watch notes.

“I think he was fed some information about the guest that he had on beforehand -- that’s what producers do -- given some questions that he should ask, et cetera, et cetera,” The Blaze host said. “Some producer who is sympathetic to the atheist plight, or just doesn’t like Christians, or whatever it is, thought it was important to point out that, in the middle of the heartland in America, where most people are God-fearing, there are atheists there, too. Doesn't have to be nefarious."

Beck might not think atheism is a "correct reflection of reality," as he said later in his segment, but atheism is apparently on the rise in America. Last August, a poll conducted by WIN-Gallup International found that the number of Americans who say they are atheists rose from 1 percent in 2005 (when the poll was conducted previously) to 5 percent in 2012. The number of Americans who say they are "religious" fell from 73 percent to 60 percent.

Visit The Blaze's website to watch a longer video of Beck's segment on Blitzer's interview.

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