Glenn Beck's Book Bumped From Amazon #1 by Progressive's First Book

Today, after weeks at the number one spot on Amazon's non-fiction politics book list, Glenn Beck's Common Sense has been bumped by a new arrival, Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union, by first time author and progressive activist David Swanson.

Beck, one of contemporary comedy's most extreme right wing targets is host of nationally syndicated radio show, has a hugely successful, multi-million viewer evening show on Fox News, and has had several other best-sellers out previously.

Swanson is a progressive activist, co-founder of and a regular writer on As an activist, he's been arrested several times, for protests calling for ending the war or pursuing justices through impeachment.

His book bumped Glen Beck's book to second and Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption to 3rd place in non-fiction politics and was last seen as #6 for all of Swanson's book, Daybreak, discusses how between George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the power of the White House has become too great, why it is too much and what to do about it. Swanson explores how the voluntarily impotent congress has allowed this uber-powerful presidency to develop and retain its powers.