Glenn Beck's Goldman Sachs Rant (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck's Goldman Sachs Rant (VIDEO)

Want to be more confused about the financial crisis? Well, Glenn Beck is your man. In what may be the most convoluted explanation of the recession to date, last night Beck offered a breakdown of Goldman Sachs' web of power. Actually, Beck, somewhat confusingly, calls it a "web of bubbles" at one point.

To be fair, this is complicated stuff. But, it may feel strange to find yourself agreeing with one of Beck's rants, especially because the scrawled diagram on Beck's blackboard looks like the ramblings of a mad man.

Here's one of Beck's best quotes:

"Everything's fixed! Can I ask you a question? Do you think that there's anyone out there without an agenda in Washington... We are being spun in a web of lies, and we are caught up in this web!"

See if you can follow it. WATCH:

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