This Glenn Greenwald Profile Is The Best One Yet

The Only Glenn Greenwald Profile You'll Ever Need

There have been a huge number of profiles of Glenn Greenwald since he became the chief conduit of Edward Snowden's intelligence leaks, but none have been as entertaining and revealing as the one that was published by The Advocate on Thursday.

Journalist Natasha Vargas-Cooper spent several days in Brazil with Greenwald and his partner, David Miranda. Some of our favorite tidbits from the piece (which you really, really, really need to read in full):

—Greenwald said he does a "nightly check-in" with Snowden over chat.

—"Multiple movie studios and TV show developers" are asking Greenwald and Miranda for permission to film their story. (Other reports have said that Greenwald is actively shopping his forthcoming book to movie studios.)

—Greenwald is very sweary. A (small) sample: “I came to believe if you’re smart, skilled, and have the resources, you should use those things to fuck with the powerful.”

—His first impression when he saw Snowden was this:

“He looked so young!” Greenwald exclaims. “He was wearing a white T-shirt, hipster glasses, and sneakers, and I was like, ‘Is this the source’s son? His assistant? His gay lover? What the fuck is going on?’”

—Snowden finally convinced him that he was the real deal after he invoked comic books and video games, but Greenwald's not a fan of either: “How the fuck would I know any of that Dungeons and Dragons shit?”

His life fantasy is very sweet: "I have this fantasy of buying farmland in Brazil with David and just taking care of as many dogs as we can. Is that totally crazy?"

Read the whole profile here.

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