Ex-Prosecutor Argues Jim Jordan 'Should Be Locked Up' For Trump Probe Interference

Glenn Kirschner said the Trump-supporting Republican violated a New York state law with his demands of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

Glenn Kirschner, a former U.S. Army prosecutor and legal analyst for MSNBC, said House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) broke a New York law forbidding “obstructing governmental administration” with his attempt to probe Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment of Donald Trump.

Kirschner slammed Jordan’s efforts in a recent episode of his “Justice Matters” podcast and referred to him as a “man who intentionally violated a congressional subpoena” who has started issuing congressional subpoenas. Jordan, a fierce defender of Trump, defied a House Jan. 6 committee subpoena to testify about the insurrection and was referred to the Justice Department for prosecution.

“Boy, does that make a mockery of the Judiciary Committee and of Congress and of the rule of law,” Kirschner said.

Jordan last week subpoenaed Mark Pomerantz, a former New York prosecutor who worked on the Manhattan DA’s Trump case. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg responded by denouncing the Republican effort “to undermine an active investigation and ongoing New York criminal case.”

Kirschner said Jordan violated a New York state law against “obstructing governmental administration,” defined as preventing “a public servant from performing an official function by means of intimidations, physical force or interference.”

“That is precisely what Jim Jordan has done and is doing ... so the only question, friends, is what is DA Bragg prepared to do about it,” said Kirschner. He claimed Jordan also violated the Constitution’s 10th Amendment.

“He should be locked up because, you know, justice matters,” Kirschner added.

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