Glenn Taylor Lawsuit: Scout Leader Who Destroyed Ancient Rock Formation Claimed 'Debilitating' Injuries Last Month

The former Boy Scout leader who shoved a 2,000-pound sandstone rock off its perch in a Utah state park had filed a personal injury lawsuit just weeks earlier, claiming back injuries and other damages.

Glenn Taylor, who was caught on video destroying the 20-million-year-old rock formation last week, sued Utah resident Alan Macdonald in September for "serious, permanent and debilitating injuries" stemming from a 2009 car crash allegedly caused by Macdonald's daughter, according to CNN. Local news outlet KUTV reports that, in the lawsuit, Taylor claims the accident injured his back and caused him "loss of joy of life."

Mcdonald, however, has now told KUTV that multiple cars were involved in the 2009 accident, and that no one went to the hospital.

"Someone with a bad back who's disabled, who can't enjoy life, to me, doesn't step up and push a rock that big off the base," Macdonald elaborated to ABC.

Video of Taylor and fellow Boy Scout leader Dave Hall toppling the one-ton rock in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park went viral after it was uploaded to Facebook last week. Such formations, known as "goblins" or "hoodoos," are formed by erosion over the course of millions of years. Taylor, however, said the rock was a danger to visitors and that he did a civic service by knocking it over.

Taylor and Hall have both been removed from their posts by the Boy Scouts, one of whose main principles is "Leave No Trace."

Utah Parks authorities and the Emery County Attorney's Office are both currently deciding whether criminal charges should be filed, The Associated Press reported Monday.

Taylor's lawyer did not respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

WATCH the video of Taylor knocking the rock off its base in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park:



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