Glitter-Bombing: Is It Fabulous Or Foolish? (POLL)

Today we kick off our brand new series, Poll Position.

In an effort to ignite even more conversation on HuffPost Gay Voices, every Friday we'll be posing a new discussion question and asking you to give us your opinion both by voting in the poll below and sounding off in the comments section.

Our first Poll Position topic is the glitter bomb.

First unleashed when Nick Espinosa, a member of the activist collective known as The Glitterati, targeted Newt Gingrich in May 2011,
the glitter bomb has frequently been employed over the last nine months to drawn attention to and protest anti-LGBT politicians and rhetoric.

The tactic has divided the LGBT community with some celebrating the flamboyant, performative nature of the activism and others arguing the act is silly and distracts attention away from the true mission -- achieving LGBT rights.

What do you think? Let us know by voting and/or leaving a comment.

And be sure to check out our slideshow of 9 glitter bombings that have taken place since last May -- and a special shout out to Thom Higgins, who performed a similar type of civil disobedience when he hit anti-gay activist and Florida orange juice spokesperson Anita Bryant in the face with a pie way back in 1977.



Poll Position: Glitterbombing