Glitter Thumbtacks To Glam Up Your Bulletin Board

We could all use a little glitter sometimes.

Pinning papers on a bulletin board is an easy way to keep track of them. Instead of throwing important documents in a pile to get lost in the shuffle, you can keep them right where you can see them. Unfortunately, most thumbtacks are a bit of an eyesore. But today's Craft Of The Day from Lovely Indeed proves that it's easy to turn this plain office supply into a pretty accent.

All you need to make these glitter thumbtacks are plain metal ones, glitter, glue and a special type of Mod Podge. When they're dried, you'll have a full set of fun office supplies to pin up papers, photos or even decor.

glitter thumbtacks
Photo by Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

Visit Lovely Indeed for the full tutorial.

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