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Global Business Leaders to the Rescue!

Let's face it: We are living in a time that is upside down economically, environmentally and psychologically. Our weakened sense of responsibility toward one another is taking us down a road marked Dead End. Time is of the essence. Hope can be on the way.
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Let's face it: We are living in a time that is upside down economically, environmentally and psychologically. The disparity between rich and poor is grave. Our planet is suffering; too hot, too cold, there will soon not be enough water. That is fact, not fiction. And, despite the creation of truly marvelous technologies, social anthropologists are predicting that the 21st century will be classified as the loneliest era in our human history.

Our weakened sense of responsibility toward one another is taking us down a road marked Dead End.

Time is of the essence.

Hope can be on the way.

In my experience and training as a respected leadership, executive and culture coach, there is one group of citizens with the capacity and agility to turn these negative conditions around in under 18 months: our global business leaders.

Global business leaders, young and older, have the power, influence and money to reset our priorities and accurately connect our values that we purport to honor: love, acceptance, forgiveness, generosity, kindness and fairness... to our actions.

Successful organizations also have the best brain trusts (innovators, thinkers and creatives) to resolve any problem.

Unlike governments, publicly traded corporations and privately owned companies can, if they so choose, act swiftly. If you don't believe me, ask my friend Arianna Huffington how long the acquisition of the Huffington Post took by AOL. Yes, it was three weeks, not three years. That is the power of intentionality and Arianna is one of the most important change catalysts we have, bar none. Her new book, Thrive is a must-read.

Another powerful leader is a young man named Roman Tsunder. Roman is the founder and co-Chair of an organization called PTTOW! which means Plan to Take On the World. PTTOW! brings together some of the world's most influential and courageous business leaders to connect and commit to global change by forming powerful strategic partnerships.

PTTOW! is a brilliantly curated group of business leaders acting as if they were a Navy Seal team on an important and dangerous mission; which they are! Ironically, Roman has Seal members speak at his Summits about the importance of trust and team work.

PTTOW is acutely focused on the next generation of consumers and leaders; our beloved Millennials who represent, Roman tells me, 60 percent of the world now, and who have "meaning and purpose" imbedded, thank God, in their collective consciousness.

PTTOW! with its upcoming May 7-9 2014 Summit, will be accelerating and implementing ideas to give millennials full spectrum change capabilities through their purchasing power.

Here are some of the game-changing business leaders participating through PTTOW!:

Frank Cooper, CMO PepsiCo
Laurent Potdevin, CEO Lululemon
Jason Mckenzie, President, Americas, HTC
Scott Guglielmino, SVP, Programming, ESPN X-Games
Kerry Tucker, EVP Marketing, Victoria's Secret
Todd Pendleton, CMO, Samsung Mobile USA
Amy Powell, President Paramount Television, Insurge & Digital Entertainment, Paramount
Carolyn Feinstein, SVP, Global Consumer Marketing, Electronic Arts
Bob Pittman, Chairman & CEO, Clear Channel
Shane Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, VICE
Bob McKnight, Co-Founder & Chairman, Quiksilver
Peter Diamantis, CEO & Chairman, XPRIZE
Ed Sanders, Head of Marketing, Google Glass
Craig Brommers, SVP Marketing, Abercrombie & Fitch
Monica Karo, CEO, OMD, USA

Here are some examples of what PTTOW business partnerships accomplished in 2013.

• Homebrew (Hunter Walk) & Atom Factory (Troy Carter)

This past year Hunter Walk, Homebrew partner, and Troy Carter, former manager of Lady Gaga, met at the PTTOW! Summit and were inspired to invest together in The Skimm; a newsletter of daily headlines for on-the-go professional women.

• Google Ideas (Jared Cohen) & Gen Next Foundation (Michael Davidson)

Another PTTOW! partnership is between Google Ideas and the Gen Next Foundation. In 2013, Jared Cohen and Michael Davidson were introduced via PTTOW! and were inspired to create the Conflict in a Connected World Summit. The Summit rallied together thought-leaders to discuss the intersection between physical and digital conflict -- how technology can be both a liberating force -- and a tool for state repression. It was attended by approximately 200 people--technologists, human rights activists, dissidents, entrepreneurs, executives, government officials, and more--and was the launch pad for three new Google sponsored products that leverage technology to enable free expression around the world.

• PTTOW! members Skullcandy (Nate Morley) & Spotify (Jeff Levick) created a partnership -

In 2012, Nate Morley and Jeff Levick met at the annual PTTOW! Summit and ventured into a partnership. By August the companies announced Skullcandy Supreme Sound, a new Skullcandy offering (powered by Spotify) integrated across the Skullcandy digital landscape to serve up curated music to the masses. This was natural and successful partnership that is still running two years later!

Roman and his team are just heating up.

Global business leaders of the world unite!

I will be sharing their 2014 results as the year unfolds.